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Site of the Week

Written by Disgruntled Web User on 04-24-2002

Edusolution has a lot of merit but how come its the site of the week for month after month.

This isn't an article but a query by a concerned denizen of the Internet. How can whoever maintains this page be so dull? Doesn't he or she know there are other sites than on the Internet . Come on now, I've been monitoring the landmark site for a while now and you've had as your site of the week for months. All I'm asking is that you wake up, show a little spunk, explore the world, share some of your explorations, break the mold. Get it. Change the site of the week! If this week's tired ole site of the week is still there next week, Monday will be the last time I ever visit your school web site. Great site, otherwise; but I'm still out of here.

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