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Teachers win Allstar Game

Written by Thomas Boswell on 06-18-2002

In what was a seesaw battle that saw lead changes, spectacular play making and a final score of 10 to 8, the teachers claimed victory.

The teachers asserted that the quality of their runs was much higher than that of the students therefore by only the most primitive of metric could the students be seen as the victors. When asked about this, one of the student replies was a succinct, "Huh?". Another student who is graduating said, "You know for four years I 've heard this kind of talk from my teachers. They talk metrics, grids, authentic assessment. My favorite saying of theirs is "less is more". I guess with that in mind, they somehow think they won. These teachers are nice and all but they need to spend some time in the real world. Hello! More is more and less is less, duh. As in the last basketball game, the last softball game and the basketball game before that, we scored more, they scored less. We win , we won and we will win. The final score was as clear and unambiguous as the Warren Commission, case closed." When asked to respond, this reporter could only find one teacher willing to comment. He said something about studying the tapes before he could conclusively determine the results.
BTW, the Black team topped the Blue team in a best of three series to win the Landmark High School 2002 Championship. Congratulations to both teams and Red and Pinstripes and Dennis Joyce for a great season well played.

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