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Written by Dollana Makhoba on 08-09-2002

I was a student at Landmark from 1994 to 1998 and I just completed my BA in "communication science and Information technology". I started working in January for a large shippping company called "Portnet" in accounts receivable in the finance department.

There is nothing more pleasing than to see Landmark grow and move forward.
I just want to say congratulations for all the achievements that Lanmark has made, for having a website, winning competitions and students having a good relationship with their teachers. Please keep it up.

Landmark didn't have much but gave us more than it had. The teachers spent most of their time helping students like me who had a problem with the english language. Without them I would not be where I am now. I remember Ms Silvia Rabner when she entered our class and a couple of time she would find me writing and correct me. I would write a sentence like " I wanted a apple" and she would say its "an apple". I just want to say I dont make that mistake anymore. The truth is I never realized how much fun it was in that school and how much the teachers cared about the students. Some of the students I studied with never even realized the importance of creating portfolios. The real importance of portfolios I saw later, it made my mind creative and it challenged my mind on what I had learned from the first day I entered Landmark to the last day I graduated. When I entered college I found most of the things that I learned in High School and the style of teaching was similar to the one that my high school teachers used.

What I'm really trying to say is don't look down on your school, try to have an input in all that is happening in it. Probably right now, you don't see how all that you are taught is going to help you in the end, but believe me it does a lot more than you think. All you have to realize is that the more you set your mind to something the more you gain. In life you either choose to stand or fall. I preferred to stand and that, started by listening to my teachers and


To the alumni team, keep up the good work.

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