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Season Ends

Written by Joe Torres on 06-19-2001

Softball season ends with unexpected surprise.

The final game of the season was the allstars against the Landmark staff. Oddsmakers had the staff favored by strong 3 to 1 odds. Boy, were the oddsmakers wrong. The students easily and handily beat the staff by a score that this reporter can't quite recall. The point is more runs were scored by the students than the staff and, as a result, they won the game. Some attribute the unexpected results to the absence of Richard Stohlman, an aging but key member of the staff team. Rumor has it that, bar some sudden windfall, he will be returning for next year's game. Rather than risk facing him, some students have chosen to graduate and go on to college. Jeff Mihok was quoted as saying. "You can't blame them for going on to college, Richard is tough and, quite honestly, they can't stay here and play softball all their lives. They may as well go while they are on top." Congratulations to all participants in the league this year and for an excellent summary of season stats, please refer to the following link:


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