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Freemen dismantle BDR in Elective Football season openener

Written by Vince Lombardi on 10-23-2002

Freemen 11 BDR 3

Led by a touchdown from their inspirational leader Wyatt Freeman, the Freemen opened the Elective Football season with a 11-3 victory over BDR. Quarterbacks Oscar Grullon and Henry Diaz cut through the BDR defense like surgeons. The Freemen had a balanced attack, with Fernando (Ferby) Grullon, Adriatik Rexhaj, Oscar Grullon, Cecilio Jalil, Allen (Scruff) McGriff, and Wyatt Freeman all contributing touchdowns.

Team BDR was helped by a TD from rookie sensation Joseph Cintron. Jose Reyes and David Sanchez also scored for BDR. Despite their loss, Team BDR is still favored to win next Wednesday. Stay tuned for details.

Today's MVP award goes to Wyatt Freeman.

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