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Web Site Gets a Facelift

Written by John Dewey on 06-18-2001

Landmark High School's web site has gotten a new address and look.

The early reviews indicate that the school's new address is a big hit. "Very clever", said one reviewer. "Cunning, succinct, memorable", said another. Others said more but, let it suffice to say that all reviews were glowing in their support. The new address is Its the address that is the big hit, the actual site has gotten some warm reviews but has also come under a bit of criticism. "Where are all the pictures" was one question. "I looked everywhere but there were not any pictures of me. Why is that?" was another reviewer's comment." "What do you mean, I can post my assignments. Why would I want to do that?" "Some good content but you have to make it look better." was overheard in the hallways. "Lots of potential, good luck getting people to use it." "Why don't you have the site administrator post his or her email address and if anyone has some useful ideas for building on what is there, they could email to him or her." After some trouble tracking him down we coaxed out of him some words and his email address. He said that "like all sites, this is a work and progress but, as a school site, the more comments and feed back I get from school members, the more useful the site will be." He also said, "I'm very excited about this coming fall. We will be bringing on a team of crack HTML jockeys from this year's ninth grade and I think that will make a big difference. I am also very close to talking Eric Torres out of early retirement. His input would be a big plus. In the meantime, we are excited about the potential here and any feedback can be mailed to Richard ".

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