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Spend A Day in My Shoes

Written by Former Landmark Student on 11-14-2002

I just have one thing to say!

The kid that wrote about the Military a few months ago needs to get his facts straight. Tell him to open up a Military Pay Chart and see that the money he say's we are getting does not match his qoute about the military getting 60% of taxes. Let him spend a day in my shoes so he can know what its like to defend his country. Don't be ignorant to what you don't know. I used to be a student at Landmark and I respect what is taught but I am proud to wake up every morning and put on this Uniform. I work hard at what I do so that your future isn't jeopordized. Like I said before I have nothing against what is taught I just have to defend what I have dedicated myself to and have seen with my own two eyes. I by no means want to cause controversy I just want the facts to be straight. Thank You

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