Rules and Regulations
Landmark High School

Intramural Co-ed Softball League


Director: Dennison Joyce

Time: End of March until the end of May

Place: Central Park plus an alternative sight occasionally

Who: Senior Institute members, roughly 15 per team, four teams total

Open to 10th and 9th grade if numbers permit.


Tie Breaker Policy

1. Teams with the most points make the playoffs

2. In case of two teams having equal points, their head to head record determines who advances.

3. If they split their games then the team that won by more runs will advance.

4. If they each won by the same number of runs, then the number of points gathered in the two games will determine who advances. So if you lost a point for having less than eight players (atleast 4 girls and 4 guys, or 5 guys and three girls or 6 guys and 2 girls or five girls and three guys) Or if any team lost a sportsmanship oint in the two games.

5. If no team lost points or if both teams lost the same number of points than the winner will be determined by a coin toss.



In case of games that do Not get made up

If two teams have played less than two other teams and we are unable to schedule a make up game, than the number of points received will be the average number of points the team has earned per game. (2.5, 3.0, 3.2, etc.,) so if for example Elvis' team is 2-4, and has earned all its sports and attendance points, then they would have an average of 16 points, eight for their 2 wins and 8 for their four losses. This averages to 2.66 points per game. (16 divided by 6) So for the game Elvis' team missed they will receive 2.66 points and that will mean their final year end total is 18.66. (16 + 2.66)