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     Chinatown History

     Chinatown of New York city was a small town. Many      immigrants went to America for the better life. But      most of chinese are go to Chinatown because there
     are many factor of clothes ans restaurants in there.      In early,discrimination was very serious. Immigrants'      lives were hard.So boss used child labers because      their wages were very low. Many states had child      labors laws. Many children worked long hours under      terrible conditions. For example, nine-and      ten-year-old boys were hired in coal mines to pick      slag out of coal. They worked in the dirty and
     grime, often far under ground. They were paid 60      cents for a ten-hour day.

Most often, after a year or so on the job,
these breaker boys had permanently bent
backs and crippled hands from doing their
jobs. They were ofter fired at the age
of 11 or 12, and new youngsters took
their places in the mines.

By 1914 almost every state in the Union
had passed laws setting a minimum age
for working children and laws to protect
them at work.

Now Chinatown of New York is a mix town. Chinese are depended upon factor of clothes
and restaurants to live. It is like another china.


     Chinatown is famous for Cantonese food. "The
     food is excellent. Try some seafood. For dim
     sum, this is the place to go."
     --Chinese Restaurant Review. Welcome. Eat
     where the locals do!

     Considered one of China's best schools of
     cooking, Cantonese food is known for its
     fresh and simple approach to a diverse
     array of food. Specialties include dim sum,
     noodle, seafood and vegetable dishes.

      Food from an indigenous tribe that populates
     Southern China. Specialties include salt baked
     chicken, fish stuffed bean curd and crispy
     meatballs made of beef, fish or shrimp.

      Located near the Sichuan (Szechuan) province,
      Hunan produces and consumes even more red
      peppers than Sichuan. Also known for its use
      of marinated meat. Specialties include stir
      fried dishes: kung pao chicken, Hunan beef,
      pork with vegetables.

     Located in the eastern province of China,
     Shanghai has ample access to seafood and
     waterfowl. In Shanghai gourmands enjoy
     shrimp, shellfish and carp as well as geese
     and duck. The food can be heavier and
     oilier than other varieties of Chinese food,
     but the drunken chicken and shellfish are

Many dishes utilize red chili peppers in pastes,
oils or just by itself. Known for dishes that
combine hot, sour, sweet and salty. Sample
specialties with bamboo, black mushrooms and
duck. Recommended dishes include: Twice
cooked pork, tea leaf duck, ma po bean curd.

Food from the Republic of China. A large island,
the country has a large variety of seafood
dishes. Also known for stews, soups and poopia, a thin pancake eight inches in diameter, used to wrap spring roll style a selection of twenty or more finely shredded meat and vegetables.

Staples include rice, fresh herbs, vegetables and seafood. Noodles are also one of the main ingredients of Vietnamese cuisine and is served with grilled meat, rolled into rice paper or eaten in broths, as in the national dish pho. Ginger, lemon grass, green onions or caramelized sauces also add flavor to dishes.

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