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This is a nutrition project for the Physical Fitness class. Students are required to accomplish the following tasks:

1.    Record your diet for 5 days including a weekend.  Don't
        leave out anything - breakfast, lunch, dinner, and
        snacks. Chart format is on the next page.

2.    Do the research and read the articles on the Internet:

       or Choose a topic below and click on it.

3.    Compare and contrast your diet to the athletes who are
        nutrition conscious.

        a)   Are you eating for optimum fitness?  Does your  diet
              allow for enhanced strength and endurance?

        b)  How would you change your diet?  What would you
             increase and decrease in regard to food?  Explain.

        c)  Overall, what is your ultimate goal in terms of
             fitness and nutrition and how can you get there?

4.    Write a report about nutrition and diet, which should include the
        information you've searched on the Internet, your analysis, comparison
        and suggestion.