1. Independence

  2. Independence

  3. Immigration

  4. Immigration

  5. Civil War

  6. Civil War

  7. The Great
    &New; Deal

  8. The Great
    &New; Deal

  9. World WarI&
    World WarII

  10. World WarI&
    World WarII

             This project is to introduce the United States history. We focuse on American important events such as The Great Depression, Civil War, Amerca in World WarI and world warII and so on.

      Indepedence&Constitution;: The United Staes of America was formed in 1776 with the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. A new government was set up inder laws called the Articles of Confederation, which were replace by the U.S. Constitution in 1788.

      Immigrantion: America is a immigrate country. Americans belong to many different ethnic groups. Many ethnic groups are in the minority population of the United States.

      CivilWar: The southern states wanted to be part of the United States of America. Northerners wanted the United States to remain one country. They were willing to fight a war keep all the states together.

      The Great Depression & New Deal: F.D.Roosevelt made a New deal to save American iconomics when America are under the great depression.

      Amrica in WWI&WWII;: How could America influence the world in WWI&WWII.;

Battle of civilwar
Japanese attack
on Pearl Harbor

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