The Best Of Rap and R&B

Designed By Tiesha Coaxum

One of the best artist of his time and one of the original Ruff Ryders,DMX takes rap to another level. Using his life experiences, DMX gives his listeners the true story of Earl Simmons.

Coming to the music scene at the age of 15, under R-Kelly's management, Aaliyah has made a name for herself in the music business. Her angelic voice and signature dance moves has captured fans of all ages. She has also starred in movies, playing opposite of Jet-Li in Romeo Must Die. Her tragic death shocked the whole music scene and left her fans to mourn and remember her through her music.
Coming from the Atlanta Georgia(Da Dirty South), Ludacris has made a name for himself with his smash hit "What's Your Fantasy". His "Southern Hospitality" gave party goers the chance to "Throw Dem Bows". His debut album "Back For The First Time" sold millions and named Ludacris a signature rapper of his time.