Sexual Reproduction in Humans

Sexual Reproduction involves two parents and results in offspring that have some genetic material(DNA) from each parent.Theresult is an organism that may be similar to one or both parents, but is not identical to either.

Sex Organs of the Human Male
The reproductive system of the male has two major functions:
1.production of sperm of these to the reproductive tract of the female.
Sperm production - spermatogenesis - takes place in the testes.
Each testis is packed with seminiferous tubules (laid end to end, they would extend more than 20 meters) where spermatogenesis occurs.


Sex Organs of the Human Female
The responsibility of the female mammal for successful reproduction is considerably greater than that of the male.

She must manufacture eggs be equipped to receive sperm from the male provide an environment conducive to fertilization nourish the developing baby not only before birth but after.

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