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Students at NYOUG
Adan Johnson
January 10, 2002


On January 10, students of Oracle program attended New York Oracle User Group Meeting held at Columbia University. It turned out to be very up-to-date and informative. At the time of the seminar the course had progressed to the point that ER Models were being transferred onto tables as the embodiment of a more concrete model. Participated students believed that this course could be improved with the inclusion of more field trips, as this would give students the experience that isn't found in a classroom. They realized this during & after the seminar as many aspects to Oracle were brought to light being that they were shown from a different perspective from the classroom. The trip also made learning on oracle more effective as many ideas were put across, for instance short cuts which was not mentioned in the text. Feedback from the students was very positive.



A Holiday Celebration Show was held at school on Dec.20, 2001. This show was sponsored by Student Affairs Office and Leadership class. Different cultural festivals were presented, such as Kwanzaa, Ramadan, Chanukah, Lunar Year, and Christmas. They also represent the ethnic makeup of our student body. A chorus of Christmas songs brought a warm and delightful atmosphere to everyone. Chinese traditional ribbon-and-fan dance demonstrated a very different dancing style. A Cantonese New Year's Greeting from an African-American student was applauded and cheered by all students. The show was not long but everyone enjoyed.

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