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   On behalf of the faculty and staff members of The Manhattan International High School, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our family.  This website contains information about our interdisciplinary cluster classes and math courses. It also contains important information for both students and parents.

   The Manhattan International High School is a small alternative high school with about 310 students.  It was established in 1993 to serve strictly the needs of students who are new immigrants and new learners of English.  We are a community that values hard and dedicated work, collaboration, respect, persistence, academic rigor and honesty.

The school is organized into three interdisciplinary levels as follows*:

Level I                 Civilization Cluster**

This is a year-long cluster composed mainly of newly entering students of mixed freshmen/sophomore aged students.  The focus at this level is on developing essential language and cognitive skills.  Students must demonstrate aptitude and basic competencies before being admitted to Level 11.

Level II                Systems + Structures / Equalities + Inequalities
                                       Evolution + Revolution

These are two year-long clusters composed mainly of sophomore and junior aged students.  The focii at this level are to develop career and college awareness, including preparation for any required college entrance examinations (PSAT, SAT and TOEFL), work towards meeting state standards in all main subjects, demonstrate proficiency in research skills, lab report writing, literary analysis, critical thinking, and competency in oral presentation.  In addition, every student is expected to begin preliminary plans for compiling a graduation portfolio.  Before being admitted to Level III or Senior Institute, all Level II students will need to prepare a cluster portfolio in each interdisciplinary cluster of Level 11 and meet our school's Performance Based Assessment Tasks guidelines.

Level III                Senior Institute - Transformations

This is the final level before graduation.  This is an intensive and rigorous year-long cluster where the emphasis is on completing the college application process, including financial aid and scholarship applications.  In Senior Institute, students will be expected to perform at the highest potential possible to fulfill their senior course requirements.  In addition, seniors will be expected to work closely with their faculty mentors on the crucial Graduation Portfolio.  Seniors need to pass all their courses and the Graduation Portfolio presentation, written and oral, in order to graduate.

William Ling

*             Mathematics is taught separately from the interdisciplinary clusters.
**           A cluster is a thematic interdisciplinary instructional team composed of four teachers and approximately
  75 students


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