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Educational Philosophy

The Manhattan International High School believes that all the subjects that you learn have a relationship to each other and that the best way to learn social studies, science or mathematics is by learning the language of social studies, science and mathematics in English. The school also believes that students learn best by working in small groups. We call this collaborative learning.

What�s the program like?

The classes are small, usually no more than 26 students in each class, but the periods are longer than average schools. You will complete 5 interdisciplinary clusters, a career internship and present a graduation portfolio in order to graduate. A cluster is a series of courses developed around a theme.

What�s the classroom like?

You will not be a passive learner. You will be invited to share your knowledge and abilities with others and to collaborate with your classmates on class projects. With the teacher working as a facilitator and mentor, you will be taught to rely not only on the teacher but also on yourself and your classmates for revision of written assignments, study and development of vocabulary, and mastery of content. You will be encouraged to utilize your native language skills to support your learning of English, and to regard your own cultural background and those of other students as a classroom resource

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