This is a little section about me… Hi my name is Daniel. I’m A+ + grade student in Monroe M.A.V.A.D. high school. I’m 6’ 9” blonde with blue eyes and own my fathers business. I own a 3 Porsche’s, a private helicopter, and 1 medium size nine seat jet with a bar inside. I work out on Sunday’s at my club member gym. I also spend time at the most exquisite restaurants… Not really. I still live with my mother and we order dominoes or get fried chicken at the Royal Crown across the street. I really need a hair cut and I wish I could fly in a plane. Of course, I am 6’ 9”… nope I’m just 5’ 9”. It's a craptacular life but a good one. I like the city life sometimes. You get to meet the most interesting people, especialy in the subways. You can learn a lot about life from the guys sleeping on the ground. I wouldn't leave The Bronx unless there was something better out of there.

Here's something to realy waste your time. A couple of projects in our class and some extras I made on my own.

Want to see a Flash of my name that lasts about 4 seconds?... well you're going to see it any way!!

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June, 4, 2003,

Martha Stuart? Who cares about Martha Stuart? Obviously you people if you want me make jokes on Martha Stuart. Alright then... First Martha is not a victom of sexists men who hate her. She's a victom of Richisim in which not so rich people hate her. It's a new form hate in the world caused by sphycashological moneytary truama. There's a part of the human brain called the Thordoughlobe which by nature responds to cash. The more money a person feels is in there hands the more stimiuly the shopping part of their brain (known as the Abdugotabuya) feels. Both these lobes are connected buy a process known as Byshopaspreeyah. When someone doesn't have cash there's no stimiuly to either lobe causing hate to those that do have cash. Through out human history money was always a problem. The cave man always had cash so they can spend it at the arcades and malls, but after a meteor hit Mexico billions of years ago and seperated the continents many money trees died, thus causing France to steal from others... I'm not making this up. But then again, Martha can just be evil.

June, 3, 2003,

Reading is great. You use what little brain power you have to imagine what words tell you. Just think for a second, If I said I have pet Muhkcrapbufaa (see fictionary for detail) you would probebly imagine a Muhkbufaa covered in crap. Not true for the Muhkcrapbufaa is a cousin releative of the Mahgcrapbufaa, an Egyptian Mehgzubaa. A non-crap Muhkbufaa is a Canadian cousin to the Mihgzupaa, a Jamaican Myhtsukaa. See how reading words puts things in your head.

June, 2, 2003,

Tis a new moon in our empire of the new of York. Romeo y Julieta is via Shakesbeer, a grand composer of literature of the comical type. Of course it's comedy, ever read Hamlet? You can't say you didn't laugh when (and how) everyone died. One thing I'm glad didn't catch on to this day was the old language, because I wouldn't be able eat or hold a conversation with anyone. Imagine asking for directions when the first words out of anyone's mouth is "Thou mustnt turn past thy pole of north, thru witch grows from the roots of stone, for thy art close to the wrechtet world from Bush and poverty, which sucks thy blood with gracious suckers in the sun, me scurvy nattie, ARRR"......???.


May, 29, 2003,

As you know by now I type a lot of my crap from the board. The journal entree is usually something as simple as "what dream did you have last night" and then we type our nonsense. I, of course, end up making fun of this little entree and type stuff that makes even Steven Hawkings says "what the hell's he talking about?". I always prevent myself from been boring or intellegent. But todays journal entree is some thing that's confusing and rediculous itself. It says "How do you convince a 14 year old boy to admit to killing his sister when he didn't do it?". What the @#*%!?!. What kind of entree is that?. I cannot even make a laugh out of something as disturbing and odd as that... yes I can, but I'm not going to. First, why do we have write this. Does he want for us to be lawyers or evil people that will blame and punish anyone just to please the victoms and themselfs. I don't like this entree for... what? that's not an entree? ... oh it's a story? ...another class? oohh...... so... er,... uh... till tomorow readers.

May, 28, 2003,

Without a doubt the most interesting person in my family is... me. I'm the 7th person in my family to become a sophmore in high school, I'm the one who knows alot about the space time continuem, and I'm the first one to practice and complete the science of genetic enginiering. I created a perfetct Ben Afleck who's acting doesn't suck and a Tycrapasuarus. In general I'm the smartest person in my family. I know so much and with my knoledge I'll create perfect squids with tentacles that shoot lasers aroung the Carrabien, rocket launching lily pads to fling radioactive frogs at Russia, Barbra Streisand clones to attack germany, and Brazilian crapadiles to rule this world and start a new dynasty so that my offspring, with geneticly enhanced colons, will continue to... stop laughing.

May, 27, 2003,

I maintain no tradition. I'll always forget about it and after a while I'll get tired of it. In this age of science and technology many people are saying to each other "Why are doing this". It'll come to a point where there is no more tradition or religion and we'll all be better of.

May, 21, 2003,

Do we really need super powers? Isn't there any thing we can't do. For years people have wondered what's on the moon and what is it made of. So we send a rocket up there to find out. And now we know it's a big rock and not cheese. We can already fly thanks to planes and helicopters and we can do more than we know. It won't be long till we can clone and edit genetic material. Soon we'll be able to create our own animals like a crapadile or a perfect Elvis (fat version) clone. It'll be easy to become invisible and fly at the same time. And of course some one will abuse these abilitys. It's human nature to be evil at times... face it, we're all selfish.

May, 15, 2003,

Some people aked me why don't I have a picture gallery on my site like the other students. I have some good pictures of people and cans on the floor, but I don't show them. And I wont. I don't think we should all have the same thing in our websites because it'll be boring and that's not what the internet is about. It's about freedom, choices, about been original, and downloading free porn at the speed of light. That's what Americas about.

May, 14, 2003

I don't like some of the music I hear. Not classical, not hip-hop, not country, not any music.

May, 5, 2003,

Hello... It has been a while since I've typed some nonsense So I'm going get straight to the crap. Today I feel dumbmer than ususal. I got hit with a basketball twice and I wasn't even playing, I sneezed on three people, I drooled all day long, and I've got ear wax on my jaket. HOW DO YOU GET EAR WAX ON A JAKET.

May, 1, 2003,

If I were to change something about school it would be everything. The entire system is screwed up. People complain that New York city public schools are dirty, have to much crime, not money for new materials, and more crap. Everyone wants to send their kids to private schools. Well I have an idea that'll help everyone. Close down the private schools and send all the money they have to public schools. Once the private school is closed reopen the building as a public school, now all kids and teachers in the area have a easy to get, more convenient place to work and learn. Then all the funds can be divided equaly. Now theres more schools open to the public and there's cash to the schools. That's what I would do.

April, 28, 2003,

It's a shame that spring break is over. I didn't do anything I wanted to do since my playstation2 broke. I guess droping it of four feet tables five to six times does damage it.

April, 15, 2003,

Spring is that time of year where major pharmacutical companys make a huge profit off of people. They manage to sell over 13 million dallors worth of alergy medication in only three months. A soon as spring is over they have enough money to spend over the summer, just by selling pills. You know that cure stuffy, dry eye, acheing, sore back, sore throat, itching, nauseaus, coughing, watery eye, swollen lip, caused by pollen, dust, pets, nuts, and french cooking so you can get well and shut up medicine. They make a lot of money and it's really nice to work there. Exept for the contract witch requires workers to be neuterd and sterillized... just joking, their not aloud to have children by company law. What's really funny is the side effects whitch include constepation, blood clots, puffy cheeks on both ends, and maleria.

April, 14, 2003,

As a child I don't remember much of where I lived. My family was always moving from home to home, so I lived at a lot places. I,ve lived in a private house, apartments, condos, basements, and even one those apartments where there's one bathroom and kitchen on each floor. I remember some stupid and crazy people we lived with, some guy had a pirrana for pet fish and he used to feed it smaller fish. He had to move because some lady's cat fell in the pirrana tank and it bit one of his hind legs right off. She was going to sue him, so he packed his one suitcase (he didn't have a lot things) and left the same week he moved in. There where some crazy events, but I don't have enough time to type them.

April, 11, 2003,

It seems that the weather will never keep calm. One day it snows the next day it's 65 degrees. Wait until summer comes, I always say this about the weather, as cold as the winter is, the hotter the summer. Remember the blizzard of 1996. More than 5 feet of snow, the summer after that was a scorcher. You could litteraly fry eggs on the hoods of cars. I'm not sure what'll happen this summer, maybe autum will come sooner with bursts of summer every two of three days. We'll just have to see.

April, 10, 2003,

I had a dream where I build a kingdom from smaller surrounding towns, villiges, and tribes. I was glad to be king but I wanted more, and so I decided to take over other kingdoms. I would lead huge armys with battering rams at their gates and storm the citys. I took out 12 kings and ministers and had finally build my empire. I was emperor, and it was good. I could do what ever I wanted. But then I woke up. I was pissed and hated the life of a peasant in The Bronx. I hope I dream it again... and this time I'll beat Alexander to France.