My name is Giovanny
I’m 16 years old
I live in the Bronx with my mommy
My parents are from the Dominican Republic but I was born here
For fun I like hanging out with my peoples and just bug out
And I’m a car fanatic, I love cars

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Car Domain

this is my favorite car website so far this one's the best.This site shows lots of cars you would like to see.


this is another car site its okay but not better then the one above.


This site is hott all about supras all hooked up like the blue one on the front page!


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Jun 5,2003

This summer I plan to bugg out and go crazy.My best friend is comming from Florida and we plan to go to every theme park this summr too.Then when July 4th comes around we going to buy lots of fireworks and blow stuff up. This summer is going to be cool so far and go to the pool and the beach. Then when he leaves back im going with him over to Florida and do my pimp'n over there.

Jun 2,2003

Romeo y Juliet is thursday and friday and i hate shakespeare i think it is boring and a waste of time. i dont like any of his books i think there corny.And i didnt read none of them either because it sucks.when i see the plays their boring too.

May 27,2003

The way I describe my self as is a nice person for real no playing games with no one. Im a serious person to me theres a time to play and a time to be serious thats how it goes down.Im a very truthful person,why im so truthful because i cant lie for nothing.To be with im very cool to hang out with if you get on my bad side run away.

May 21,2003

If i had a superpower i would be invisible. I rather be invisible because its cool and its a boys dream.I would go everywhere in for free and go places people cant enter at.Flying is cool but being invisible is hotter i think.

May 16,2003

If I made my own television show it would be about street racing. I would have crazy guest apperences on the show and some crazy cars as well. It would be about who could be #1 and reach the top. In my eyes that show would be great. The stars of the show would be like any famous rapers,singers,and movie stars. Vinn Diesel is the star of the show with me as his sidekick and of course we have to have the hottt chicks as well.

In every show has to have a rival gang of cars to those are called the ''HATERS''. The show has to have fights and some guns to to make it exciting.

May 14,2003

My favorite type of music i like to listen to is any kind of music that sounds good. I like rap,rock,pop,r&b,techno and reggae. If it sounds good i like it.

May 5,2003

Today i feel like playing baseball with my peoples.Today feels real boreing so i might do that and maybe work out as well.

April 11,2003

When its raining outside i think about absolutely nothing because its so boring. I sometimes wish I was in Florida hanging out with my cousin because its very cool out there, but i dont stress things i just chill out here and party!!