my name is jessy montoya i live in the bronx i am 15 yrs oldmy hobbies are playing hockey and building . if you want you can check out my journal entries.

all my vacation all i did was move some furnature to my new home and then when we were done we watched t.v. afterwards on sat. we went to fordam to get my converse then we went to eat and that is all i did on my spring break .

april 28,2003

Jessy Montoya

something i could change about school is to have morecomputer time because there is not enough time to check e-mail or go on the internet or programs

May 1,2003

Jessy Montoya

today i feel like nothing i dont really want to do work and i want to go to sleep the only thing i did was that i had a party at my house and drank a lot so that's all i did on the weekend.

May 5,2003

Jessy Montoya

when i was 7 i all i can remember that once i got hit on the right leg by a carthat was driving to fastthen i spent a week in the hospital and without me knowing my parents had a baby boy he was my first sibling

april 14, 2003

Jessy Montoya


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dracula animation

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If i had a T.V. show it would be for kids and comic book fans the show that i would put on t.v. is based on the forgoten comic space knights the show would have cartoon celebrities that would help the heroes.


Jessy Montoya

the super power i would have the power to fly. i would use this power to help people that are falling of people stuck in there parachutes[but mostly i would fly to clear my head when i'm angry or sad also when i want to have fun].yes i would abuse this power. i would fly around all day and scare people. i think that people would have invisibility. because they want to see other people nacked.

MAY 21,2003

Jessy Montoya

i think that shakespear is very skilled in his area all of his writing are very interesting.the expierience of reading shakespear is very interesting it sometimes tell you lessons that you have to learn.

june 2,2003

Jessy montoya

i know that i'm living in the matrix because everything that is around me is the matrix also because the matrix controls what we do but thats my opinion

June 6,2003

Jessy Montoya