I’m Sarais Ramirez I’m 15 years old.
I live in the Bronx. In Bryant and Hunt Point. I live with my mother and grandmother and stepfather . Also with my sister brother. My birthday is Oct. 5 .87 I attend Monroe High School.I’m in 9 grand .My mother name rah Ramirez she is 43 year old her is June .20 . 1960.My Grand mother is 76 year old also name sarah H. My sister is yourger then me she is 12 year . I have 3 older brother. I love my famlily alot.
  May. 5.03

TToday I feel like i feel sick because my head hurt me. I guess is because the way i have my hair .; I went to sleep late .may be that why i don't feel good.; I hope i feel better later;

.May. 1. 2003

One thing I'd liketo change about school.,I would like to change the time we come in to school,that the only thing I don't like about school.,

April 28.2003

On Easter i WENT TO NEW ROCK CITY. WITH MY FAMLILY MY MOTHER LEFT BEFOR ME AND TIO .When we stood we went to movie. That all we did.

April 10, 2003

Last night I Dreamt that I was on the trine and this guy came to me and ask me to marry him but i could'nt see him face the only thing i know he was tall.;