What’s up? My name is Winnie, I know it’s a strange name. But what can I do if a man gave it to me. I am 15 years old and skinny. I like to go shopping [a lot] and hang out with my peoples. I live with my step mom and my stepsister. The reason for why I live with them I don’t want to talk about. I have brown eyes, brown hair and I HAVE AN EXTREMELY CRAZY ART TEACHER. Sometimes he scares me. Anyway, I like to draw| design. I plan to be a designer when I get out of school. Right now I plan to be successful in school and accomplish my goals.





I like this website because of some of the games it has and that's it so go see it or something.


This website is just crazy. It has all the characters you couldn't imagine in a game. Why don't you go play some solitaire or see Hilary Clinton shaking what she wishes she had.


You can chat and hook your self up with some cuties.






June 6, 2003

This entry and all the other entries were Mr. Katz's idea. I know I'm living in the "Matrix" because I have Mr. Katz telling me what to write on my journal entries every day. That's all I have to say..... so.........bye!

June 5, 2003

The last thing I read was a story about a teenager who became friends with a man that he didn't even know. This man had a son and a very suspicious wife. A lot of surprises came along as the book's ending aproached. That book left me speechless at the end. Too bad I ain't telling you all about it.....HAH! Any ways, the book was called "FELL", I don't remember the author's name though, but I'll be coming back to you on that.

June 2, 2003

I think Shakespear is O.K. I don't understand very much what he's talking about, but yet his writing sounds romantic and well thought.The only experince I've with Shakespear was when I read "Romeo and Juliet". I like him he's o.k some more.


May 27, 2003

Culturally I would describe myself as a very quiet person. People don't believe me when I tell them I'm from D.R. They swear I'm half black and half something else. I don't really maintain all the Dominican traditions. Like for example, the platano [green banana] eating thing, platanos make me sick and I can't stand eating them everyday. But there are those traditions that I love very much, and those traditions include the dancing and most of all the meals [especially the holiday meals]!

May 16,2003

My perfect television show would have people winning money for no aparent reason. It would be sort of like a combination of two different game shows (THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE, AND WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE). I don't even know what I'm talking about. there will be celebrities. And gonna be fun alright.......bye

May14, 2003

My favorite artist is Christina Aguilera,because she doesn't care much about what people say or think of her. I also like her because of her music and the massege that's in it.As for my favorite type of music, I'll listen to anything that suits my mood at the moment I'm listening to the radio.

May 5, 2003

Today I feel like s@!*. The reason for me feeling this way is because lately everything has been going down hill for me, (especially in my house where I feel like a total stranger). If only older people could see and understand what us teens go through.

May 1, 2003

One thing I'd change about school is the time it starts, ends, and lasts.Why does it have to be in the morning? Why do we have to come to school? Why can't the teachers come to us?

April 28, 2003

During vacation I did nothing but take care of my annoying nephews and nieces. I was F@#*!^$ PISSED OFF, cause I had plans to go shopping and to hang with my friends and go to the movies. BUT NOOOO, I HAD TO STAY HOME AND TAKE CARE OF THOSE LITTLE BRATS THAT GOT ON MY NERVES. Anyway, never in my life have I been so happy to be in school. SEE YA!

April 15, 2003

Spring reminds me of how much fun I had last summer. It also reminds me of the last months of school. It's about time we get our break.

April 14, 2003

When I was a baby I lived in D.R with my mom and sister.I believe I never met my father until I was seven, or at least that's how I remember. I use to be a trouble maker, and use to get on my mom's nerves.I mean too, like there was this one time my sister, some friends, and me were playing this sort of follow the leader game, and I just pushed everybody on pupose. All the kids were crying and I ended up with a smack on the head.

April 11, 2003

When its raining outside I like to just turn off all the lights in my house and watch scary movies.If I'm not doing that I'll just be looking out the window while the rain falls.

April 10, 2003

Last night I dreamed about the last day of school. I was in class with all my friends, we were laughing and joking you know doing our usual stuff. Everyone was happy [especially me], but one of my friends was crying and just as I was about to find out why, I woke up to see that I was going to be late for school.THAT IS F#*@*ED UP.