If I had a super power my super power will have to be guiding the world from what's going on today. Over my memorial weekend I was over my friends house.We were bugging out having fun and enjoying ourselves.The last day of the weekend we were depressed because school was the next day but I was some what happy.That's how my weekend went.

My farorite T.Vshow of all time is Jamie Foxx.I likeJamie Foxx because he's funny,cute and he knows how to sing.I watch his show atleast one our of T.V every week.I think this is a good amount of T.V time.

The last thing I read was the book called the Red Pony, that boook was so boring that I don't wanna talk about it.
What is your fvorite type of music you like to listen to?My favorite music I listen to is Rap and R&B.My favorite group is D-BLOCK, because their lyrics are so exclusive.  

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