MAY 6,2003.If I had a superpower it would be teleportation becuz it makes a good defense in fights.

MAY 15,2003 My favorite type of music is rock. My favorite singer is Marilyn Manson becuz he's not afraid to show his real self.


MAY 7,2003.If I could change three things about this school they would be: junk food machines should be free,soda machines should be free and wear what we want becuz I don't like bringing money to school and I want to wear what I want.

MAY 19, 2003 (a little sleepy but happy) I got to school a little later today then usual. I don't really care, about three weeks of skool left, why should I? The only reason I'm happy today becuz my b/f is here today and i wanted to see him, I admit it, I missed him. By the way, the other logs, was made up by my teacher. It's about my life now.
MAY 8,2003 When the weather gets warmer I feel more sleepy becuz hot weather makes me sleepy. MAY 27,2003 (feeling well rested) Over the memorial weekend I did nothin special. Eat, sleep and think about my b/f was all I did really.

MAY 12,2003 My favorite T.V. show of all time is outlaw star. it's funny and alot of action. I watch about 42 hours of T.V every week. I think that this is the right amount of T.V.

MAY 28,2003 (sleepy) yesterday, my wisdom tooth in the back decided to finish brakin through. oh god the pain is brutal. luckily, my mom had bought anbesol, pain killer. my mom's kooler than most moms are. she knows how to be a friend and a mom. I would never let someone hurt her, if they did, they wouldn't live to see the next day.
JUNE 6, 2003 (feelin a little sleepy) I'm wearin a jean dress today. my boyfriend asked me if I was trying to look like a gypsy. he was being funny. The senior prom is tonite. well, wat can I do, I'm a freshmen. my plans are to get over with school and later, listen to heavy metal til I fall asleep. It's freaky friday, baby.

JUNE 9,2003 (a little happy) my boyfriend is coming to my house today for the first time. I'm a little nervous becuz I don't know if my mom would like him. well, it's not her decision whether i go out with him or not, so she better like him.

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