may6,2003.IF I had a super power it would be go through things because I think is very cool and funny. may15,2003.My favorite artist is LIL KIM.The reason why I like this artist is because she always speak the truth and she is very nice with her fans.and I also love her style, and her music.

may7,2003.IF I could change three things about this school they would be the students,the look about this school and the location. the reason why I would change this three things is because I dont like this things.the reason why I dont like it is because some of the students act very stupid, and I dont like the location because for me this school is too far.

may19,2003.My weekend was good,I had a lot of fun.On Sartuday I went to my friends party,and on Sunday I went to my best friend"s house and I stood there for like two hours,that was all that I did during the weekend.
may8,2003.When the weather gets warmer I feel that is a nice day. May27,2003.Over Memorial Weekend what I did was the on Friday I went to a party and I had a lot of fun .On Sartuday I went to my friend"s birthday ,and on Sunday I went out with my mother, and that's all Idid over the Weekend.
May 12,2003.My favorite of all time is B.E.T.I love this TV show because They give the best videos all the time. I watch two hours of T.V every week.I think that this is just right amount of T.V. May28,2003.The person the I love from my family
June 6,2003.The last book the I read was Fly Girl.The reason why I read this book is because is a nice book to read. This book is about a girl the she only care about boys , and her beauty . I think this book could be very interesting for the young girls becuse it says a lot of stuff the girls need to learn.  
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