Why dedicate one's personal web site to the color grey, you ask? Grey is depressing and loathsome, you say? Well, I will have you know that grey is absolutely perfect. It is moody, like the grey clouds that hang over Buffalo, New York (the place of my birth). It is rhythmic, like the stainless steel 'Q' train passing over the grey Manhattan bridge, or the rain falling upon the sidewalk. It is stubbornly independent, like a grey seagull standing on the edge of the East River. Moody, rhythmic and independent: you could say the color grey is a lot like me.

Grey isn't an obvious color. I mean, you can say that red is red, and that green is green. But grey, hmm ~ it's just a place between white and black. Like grey, I'm really a mix of opposites. Just look at my passions: I love going for a walk in Prospect Park when it's raining, when no one else is around and all you hear is the wind in the trees ... I like electronic music -- so much, in fact, that I had to build two synthesizers on my own ... And every Sunday I play ultimate frisbee, a game in which two teams run around like lunatics in hopes of tossing a plastic disc to a teammate in the end zone.

Grey is subtle: That means you can only get to know it by looking at its components. The same is true for me. I invite you to check out what I'm made of -- my opinions, interests, favorite music and writing -- right here, in the place otherwise known as THE GREY SPACE ..