Where Dreams Become Reality

New York City Board of Education

Superintendency for Alternative, Adult and Continuing Education


Through an interdisciplinary approach to teaching, Monroe Academy for Business and Law will create a renaissance in learning for students. Students will acquire the skills, self-confidence and attidudes necessary to achieve their goals and dreams in society at large.

Upon graduation, students will be able not only to read, but to comprehend what they have read.

They will also be able to solve problems through critical thinking and teamwork, express their ideas in a clear manner through writing, and have the confidence to succeed in the world outside of the "security and safety" of the high school.

We will prepare our students to be functioning and responsible members of society.


Monroe Academy for Business & Law is one of six new schools created in 1994, from the redesign of James Monroe High School in the Bronx.

All special education students are involved in an inclusion model for instructional purposes.

Students who are identified as Limited English Proficiency (LEP) receive English as a Second Language (ESL) services.

Curricular Overview