Manhattan Village Academy's Participation in Educational Networks

The Coalition of Essential Schools

Manhattan Village Academy is a member of the Coalition of Essential Schools. The Coalition is a national network of schools that are dedicated to instructional excellence for all students. Coalition principles focus on the student as worker. Students are actively engaged in their learning through cooperative group work and demonstration projects. Coalition schools believe in the importance of parental involvement. We believe that schools cannot work in isolation from parents. Schools and parents work together to provide the supports necessary for student success.

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The Center for Collaborative Education

The Center for Collaborative Education (CCE) is a network of schools in the New York City area. Most or all of these schools are also members of the Coalition for Essential Schools. CCE provides support to its members in the form of staff development, technology projects, electronic discussion forums and e-mails, and advocating for the schools that are part of the network.

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The Superintendency for Alternative, Adult & Continuing Education Schools and Programs

Manhattan Village Academy is one of 69 schools scattered across all five boroughs of the city that comprise the Alternative Superintendency. All adult education programs also fall under the auspices of this body. Click the link below to view the Alternative Superintendency's website.

Alternative Superintendency