Our unique program provides another chance for students who need a personalized environment to succeed academically. Students can take courses that prepare them to return back to high school or prepare for the GED exam. We also provide literacy, English as a Second Language and Pre-GED instruction.

We bring education to students in collaboration with more than 80 host agencies in the five boroughs and upstate New York. The host agencies provide counseling for the social and emotional support of students. OES provides small, personalized classes for students who have experienced failure and frustration in other academic settings. Teachers build rapport and relationships as they guide their students to reengage with school and work toward academic success.

Each of our collaborations is as unique as its physical space, target population and host organization. Our agency partners address student needs that stand in the way of academic achievement. Our students must be supported in order to concentrate on school work while they deal with personal problems such as teen pregnancy, substance abuse, court appearances, lack of family support, transience and financial concerns.





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