Daytop for a Drug Free World

Daytop provides services for those who seek help with life's problems compounded by substance abuse. Over 100,000 individuals have reclaimed their lives with assistance of the program.

Daytop is based on the therapeutic community (TC) concept: a highly structured, family environment where positive peer interaction is emphasized. Separate and individualized programs are available for adolescents, adults, and all family members.


As a non-profit community based organization, Elmcor Jamaica Center's goal is to promote employment through training and counseling all participants. In teaching them many skills such as typing, word processing, spread sheet applications, office procedures, filing, customer service and cash register use, we help them to become more marketable (employable) and ensured of a better future. One of our aims is to identify and match the needs of employers with those hard-to-serve, least job-ready and economically disadvantaged residents who face multiple barriers to employment. We remove those barriers by offering those eligible participants a full array of services.

Outreach Project

We believe that addiction is a complex process that develops within the context of an individual's and family's environment - an environment which affects and is affected by the addiction. As a result, there are consequences for the mind, body, spirit and family functioning. We acknowledge, therefore, that addiction summons the need for integration among the physical, psychological, social and spiritual dimensions, like so many other human obstacles.

Argus Community

This program strives to train adolescents for GED, job placement and provides computer training and certification.

Office of Alchoholism and Substance Abuse Services

New York State Office of Alchoholism and Substance Abuse Services