New York City Board of Education
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Brooklyn, NY 11216
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Who We Are: Our Mission

We are an Alternative High School of 340 students who range in age from 17 to 21 years old. Most of our students come to us from large, traditional high schools throughout the borough of Brooklyn, where they have been unable to succeed or complete their high school education. Because we are known for our success in guiding students toward a personal transformation, their schools refer students to us who are interested in graduating with a local or Regents high school diploma.

At Bedford Stuyvesant Outreach, we are committed that our students receive and generate an education that initiates and fosters cooperation; harmony; mutual understanding; with an appreciation of diversity that ultimately empowers people to become profoundly related. Therefore, our mission is to graduate educated young people who learn to live a life of respect, love and responsibility.

We face the enormous challenge of offering a curriculum that can match the needs of our students in relation to the new, higher, state standards. Our curriculum is always fluid and changing to discover new ways to meet the challenges of teaching and learning. We are willing to try new things, new ideas, and to encourage both creative and traditional approaches by which to impart information in order to raise a nascent spirit of intrinsic motivation in the student.

We believe that it is possible to make a difference with our students and in turn have them be a contribution to themselves and to others. Maybe that's how we do what we do. What gets fostered and institutionalized in our school culture is a true sense of community, commitment and caring.