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Elizabeth McCullough, Principal, I.A.
Winston Phillips, Assisstant Principal
Sharon Garcia, Secretary
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Bronx Outreach is located on the fourth floor of the historic Herman Ritter building

Assisstant Principal Winston Phillips works with students in our multi-media room

The Outreach Difference

Bronx Outreach services the community of high schools of southern and southeastern Bronx and accepts students from all portions of the borough
. Since 1980, the Outreach Program has successfully responded to the needs of some of the most deserving students by helping them earn regular New York State high school diplomas. Bronx Outreach High School Program is committed to providing a nurturing yet challenging learning environment for high risk and returning general English Language Learner students aged 17 to 21. Beginning with the intake interview, all admissions include an intensive orientation program.

During their time with us and through to their graduation students at Bronx Outreach are held accountable for demonstrating absolute proficiency in all the State-mandated subjects in order that they are eligible to receive a regular education high school diploma. We currently teach and offer Regents exams in United States History & Government, English, Global Studies, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, French and Spanish. We offer classes ranging from basic enrichment to college level and continually strive to empower our students so that upon graduation they are prepared for a path of life that will take them directly into the world of work or into further academic study. We offer interdisciplinary courses that inspire and excite the minds and souls of our students. We offer several internship programs where students can gain valuable experience and insight into the world of work, as well as explore career opportunities previously unavailable to them. We have designed our program to alert and instruct our students through the technological explosion of this decade. We are committed that our students be computer-literate and technologically savvy.

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