Message from the Principal

Welcome to our Outreach website. In 1980, then Chancellor Macchiarolla established a citywide instructional program to address the academic and affective needs of adolescents, 17 -21 years of age, who had not completed the requirements for a high school diploma. Six centers were opened that spring and the High School Division Outreach Center was born.

The path that many of our students follow to arrive at graduation is filled with bumps and detours... and some people even question their resolve. Yet, our students find a way to overcome the challenges and disprove the naysayers. Our dedicated faculty provides a strong foundation and prepares our students to meet the challenges that we know they face. Many of students begin to explore their talents and to discover what they enjoy through jobs and internships.

During their time at Outreach our students also learn the importance of showing respect for each other, their teachers, their family and our community. They learn that success is the result of honesty, timeliness and hard work.

Parent support is a crucial component of the educational process. Our students have made a commitment to return to school and earn a diploma. We encourage their parents and family members to support this decision. All Parents are welcome to become members of the Parent Teacher Association and School Leadership team at each Center. For additional information, parents can contact the Assistant Principal at each center, or call me directly, by phone (718-638-4235) or e-mail, [email protected].

The beginning of school last year is one that is etched in our memory and will not be forgotten. The thoughts of all members of the Outreach Community remain with those who have been affected, directly and indirectly, by the loss of life and destruction that occurred on September 11, 2001. In addition, the Outreach faculty remains committed to providing a safe and secure environment that supports your child's academic progress.

This website provides a mere glimpse into the important work that goes on at Outreach every day. In class and out of class, our faculty and staff continue to make the "Outreach Difference" for our students. Enjoy your visit to our website and please write or call for additional information.



Elizabeth McCullough