Arturo Schomburg
Satellite Academy High School

Dear parents and students:

Welcome to our school community. We are proud to be one of the oldest alternative high schools in New York City. Our mission is to provide young people with a small, safe, and nurturing learning environment,where our students can rediscover themselves, our community and the world they belong to.

Inspired by the life and work of Arturo Schomburg, a black, Puerto Rican, historian,we are committed to install and perpetuate his life. The teachers and students of Satellite Academy concretely work toward creating a diverse, non-oppressive, spiritual community and society, where racism, sexism, classicism and homophobia are no longer tolerated.

Respect for self, others and the learning process is the life blood that holds our community together. We believe that true education can only occur in a setting where everyone feels valued, respected and protected. In order to achieve this we are committed to being a drug free and nonviolent school community. We are committed to transforming ourselves and our community into all of the positive things that we dream of.

Once again, we welcome you into our family. As partners in this process, we hope that you will hold us to the same high expectations that we will hold you. As we embark on this educational journey together, we want you to know that we will listen to you, we will support you and we will challenge you to work toward the highest goals.

-The Staff of Arturo Schomburg Satellite Academy High School