Meade McFarlane


I have been teaching at Satellite since 1999. I teach two science classes, Foundation of Science and Water Resources. In the Water Resources class, we take a close look at many aspects of water. We conduct labs to learn about the physical and chemical properties of water. The students also cover how they use water in our lives and how their water is cleaned when it leaves their home. The students take three field trips to the Bronx River to test the water quality and compare the health of the river as it flows from the Botanical Garden to Hunts Point. To learn more, please visit:

I am lucky enough to be married to my wife Allyson, with whom I enjoy sitting on the beach, watching the University of Kansas play basketball, and picnics in Riverside Park. I am the Athletic Director at Satellite Academy, as well as the Girls Basketball Coach. Last season, Satellite won the Girl's Championship and I was really proud of the hard work and determination of the team.