Will Foehrenbach

I did not know I would love teaching until I began doing it, and I came to it late in my career. Previously, I had worked in the printing industry and owned a small company for many years. I am a native New Yorker, a graduate of Bayside High School and Hunter College and am half way to a doctorate at C.U.N.Y Grad Center.

Those who love their discipline and who are continuously growing in kowledge and insight are the ones who can bring their enthusiasm to students. I belive in an academic atmosphere of freedom, especially freedom from fear, which is poison for creativity and growth

My reading and research have recently focused on how people live, struggle, resist, suffer and triumph, so my classes examine "ordinary" folk, workers, women, the poor, outsiders, Blacks, Native Americans and the like. Their contribution to the shape of the world has been enormous and underrated.

Whether or not, through our hopes and best efforts, we can ever reimagine the prelapsarian tellurist paradise which is humanity's birthright, for the monent seeking a better world in the company of our miraculous students feels just fine to me.