Aileen Malave


I attended and graduated from Satellite Academy in 1987. Ten years later I was invited to attend Satellite Academy's High School reunion. My former address was updated on their computer system which allowed them to send notice to every alumni member that a new staff member was needed to facilitate the office responsibilities. Ironically, I had just earned my associates degree in Secretarial Science and decided to call and make an appointment for an interview. In 1995, after an informal and formal interview, I was hired one week later. I worked in the office for a total of 2 years and was asked if I would like to change my position and work in Satellite Academy's computer room. I jumped at the chance because I felt that it would enable me to have a much closer a academic connection to the students, and I would feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that I have passed on what I've learned to them after they leave Satellite Academy. I have been a Satellite Academy staff member for a total of 7 years.

In addition to working at Satellite, I now write poetry in my spare time and when I am inspired. I hope to eventually put all of my writing together and publish my own book. I'm also proud to include that I am assisting in building the Satellite Academy Alumni web site.