College Prep Biology

Carol Kennedy
Topical Outline

1. Standards of Proof :Criminal and Civil Law
Beyond Reasonable Doubt versus Preponderance of Evidence
Scientific and Common Language
2. Chemistry of Life

:Atoms, Molecules and Compounds
Atomic Structure
Periodic Table
Electron Configuration, Valence Electrons, Electron Dot Structures
Chemical Bonds, Chemical Formulas, Structural Formulas
Chemical Reactions
Polar Molecules, Ions, pH and Living Cells
Organic Compounds
Carbohydrates, Proteins, Lipids, DNA, RNA

3. Energy and Life Energy and Organisms
Energy and Ecosystems
Energy and Nutrients
Chemical Reactions and Energy
Potential and Kinetic Energy
4. Origin of Life Theories Religious Beliefs
The Big Bang Fossils and Early Earth
Beginnings of Life
Chemical Evolution
First Life Forms
Ideas About First Cells Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes Gaia Hypothesis
5. Diversity and Variation Classification Homologies and Hierarchies
Species Concept
Five Kingdoms
Classification and Change
6. Organization of Cells Cell Study and Technology
Types of Cells
Cells Organelles Cell Membranes
Diffusion and Osmosis
Active Transport Cellular Cooperation
Tissues, Orgasms and Systems
7. Life Processes and Systems Respiration
Growth and Development
Nutrition and Digestion
Gas Exchange and Excretion
Nervous System
8. Patterns of Inheritance Genes and Chromosomes
Classical Genetics and Mendel
Sex Chromosomes and Autosomes
Human Genetics, Genetic Disorders
Genetic Engineering
9. Information Transfer and Protein Synthesis DNA - RNA Connection
Transcription and Translation
Ribosomes and Proteins
10. Origins of New Species Evidence for Evolution
Population and Ecological Evidence
Genetic and Molecular Evidence
Populations, Races and Species
11. Human Evolution Primate Patterns
Biochemical Comparisons
Dating Remains
Hominids from Africa
First Humans
12. Portfolio Preparation and Presentation  

Instructional Strategies Include

1. Effective Discussion

2. Effective Group Work

3. Daily Reflective Journal using the "What?, So What?, and What IF?" format

4. Poster organization and Presentation of 1 Life Process

5. Concept Mapping

6. Laboratory Activities and Writing Process

7. Portfolio Preparation and Presentation

Instructional Materials Include:

Text -

Biological Science a Molecular Approach, BSCS Blue Version Heath Biology

Articles - The Natural History of Sex, Sex and the Female Agenda
Videos - Miracle of Life Human Evolution

Assessment Tools Include

Classroom Participation in Discussions and Group Work
Reflective Journal
Laboratory Skills and Writing Process
Homework Assignments
Evolution Position Research Paper Evolution Laboratory Research
Exams and Quizzes
Portfolio Preparation and Presentation