Reading Literature:Mara/Anna Subject Area - English Credit: 2.0

In this course students will read selected works in literature. Through the readings & discussions of significant books, students will learn to use literary terms to develop their understanding of fiction, poetry and drama.

Essential questions:

1. What impact did the depression have on the lives of people within the African -American Communities?
2.How can "education" or lack of "education" influence the choices/decisions that an individual makes in life?
3. How can the place you live in effect your life?

The following Domains will be covered during the semester:
A. Self - Identity
B. Creative Expression
C. Ethics/Values

The following topics will be covered:
A. Writing a character analysis
B. Reading for understanding
C. Creative Writing

Instructional Strategies:

• A journal will be required to record personal entries as well as reflections on self and or
selected readings.
•Students will develop critical listening skills by reading aloud in cooperative learning groups. Through group discussions we will focus on answering targeted essential questions.
•Students will create literature logs which will be used to respond to issues in the reading and answer questions derived from the reading.

Student Expectations

•Students will take responsibility for their work by keeping track of their lit log books and their folders. � Students will have to maintain vocabulary list for the readings.
•Students will have to complete their homework assignments .
•Student will be required to read three novels this semester.

Instructional Materials:

Voices From The Woman Of Brewster Place by: Gloria Naylor The Two by: Gloria Naylor Makes Me Wanna Hollar by: Nathan McCall (chapter 18 - Native son) Learning To Read - Malcolm X Down These Mean Streets By: Piri Thomas The Street by: Ann Petry

Video: Woman Of Brewtser Place
Novel: Daddy Was A Number Runner by: Louise Meriwether