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Foundations of Science
with Carol

Course Syllabus
Goals: To give students an introduction to scientific inquiry as well as to provide them with specific science concepts and skills. This course focuses on metric measurement, manipulations and conversions, laboratory skills, how to design and carry out a controlled experiment, organizing and analyzing data using spread sheets and statistical computation, and scientific writing.
Requirements for 2 credits
1. 95% attendance
2. 2500 class points
3. Satisfactory rating at mid-semester evaluation - this means you must have all labs, in class and homework assignments (includes agendas and reflective pieces)
4. Satisfactory rating of class portfolio contents and presentation
5. Satisfactory completion of the natural selection experiment and write-up

Required Materials
Three Ring Notebook, 16 dividers, pen, paper, pencil

State Standards:
Satisfies the following New York State Science Learning Standards:
Standards 1- 7 excluding Standard 3

Satisfies the Following Science Regents Requirements:
Physical Setting
• Matter and Energy Conservation and Inter-conversion
----Transmission of Energy
----Kinetic Theory
----Living Environment
• Genetic Continuity
----Heredity and Genes
----Genetic Code
----Genetic Engineering
• Reproduction and Development
----Types of Reproduction
----Human reproduction and Development
----Reproductive Technology
• Evolution
----Theory of Evolution
----Mechanics of Evolution
• Scientific Inquiry and Laboratory Skills
----Metric Measurement Systems and Instruments
----Creating and interpreting Tables, Graphs and Statistical Analysis of Data
----Designing and carrying out controlled experiments
----Use or generate experimental data or evidence to identify, support, or refute points of view, opinions, equations, patterns and theories

Instructional Strategies
1. Reflective Learning
2. Effective Discussions
3. Effective Group Work
4. Critical Thinking
5. Habits of Mind

Weeks 1 & 2
Introduction – Science Portfolio Set – Up,
What are Science and Technology Activity
Scientific Inquiry Activity – Using the Compound Microscope
Scientific Inquiry and Skills Reading Assignment
Scientific Inquiry and Skills Questions
Egg drop Challenge
Penny For Your Thoughts Activity

Weeks 3 & 4
Conundrums Group Work
Using Laboratory Equipment Activity
Follow Directions Activity
Scientific Inquiry Part 2 Questions
Observations and Inferences Activity
Metal Color Conundrum Lab Activity
Acid Raid Reading Assignment
Elements of a Good Experiment Activity
Laboratory skills Reading and Questions Assignment
Creating a Concept Map
Using Appleworks to Create a Graphic Organizer

Weeks 5 & 6
Quiz 1 Review
Quiz 1
Classification Activity
Creating a Dichotomous Key
Metric Measurement, Calculations and Conversions Activities (Includes Mass, Volume, Length and Density Labs)
Metric System Movie and Questions
Scientific Measure Reading and Questions Assignment

Weeks 7 & 8
Quiz 2 Review
Quiz 2
Properties of Matter Paired Reading and Questions
Laboratory Activity Chemical Processes
Physical Processes Laboratory Activity
Elements of A Theory Activities
Atomic Theory Activity
Theory of Multiple Intellegences Movie and Activities
Atoms and Molecules Movie and Questions
Ionic and Covalent Compounds Activity
Building Covalent Compounds Activity
Creating Matter Graphic Organizer

Weeks 9 & 10
Quiz 3 Review
Quiz 3
Kinetic Theory Demonstrations and Lab Activities
What Happens When …
Something Boils, Evaporates, Freezes, Mixes
How can You Get A Penny Out of Water?
How Can You Get The Balloon Inside The Bottle?
What Happens in a Vacuum?
Colorful Column
Density of Solids
Density of Liquids
Kinetic Theory Graphic Organizer

Weeks 11 & 12
Quiz 4 Review
Quiz 4
Big Bang Theory Movie and Questions
Creation of the Universe Movie and Questions
Theory of Evolution Reading and Questions
Theory of Evolution By Natural Selection Research Experiment
Natural Selection Activity
Adaptive Strategies Movie and Questions
Nature of Sex Movies and Questions
Using Microsoft Excel to Organize and Analyze Data

Weeks 12 & 13
Quiz 5 Review
Quiz 5
Life Movie and Questions
Reproduction Reading and Questions
Miracle of Life Movie and Questions
How Not to Get pregnant reading, Questions and Activity
Dissected Biology Movie and Question
Building a model DNA Molecule
Genetic Movie and Questions
Asexual Reproduction Laboratory Activity
Creating A Reproduction Graphic Organizer

Weeks 14 & 1 5
DNA Analysis Lab Activity
Wild Child Movie and Questions
Forbidden Experiment Reading and Questions
Forbidden Experiment’s Essay

Weeks 16 – 18
Class Portfolio Preparation and Presentation