SUBJECT AREAS: United States History, Global History, economics theory, Civics and citizenship, English


The topics that will be included in the class will be the following:

• Students will learn about the United States in the 1950 and 60�s. Included in that time period will be discussion of the Civil Rights movement and Jim Crow (Organized segregation).

• We will examine the relationship between economics and basic capitalistic theory. How did the basis of capitalism contribute to the policy of systematic segregation in the southern United States?

• We will be looking at the connection between Global influences and the development of mass protest movements in the United States. Within this topic, we will look at some basic philosophy and how they relate to the development of the philosophy of Dr. King and Malcolm X.

• We will cover the movement of passive resistance in India and compare it to the American Civil Rights Movement.

• There will also be an on the surface look into the religions of Hinduism, Islam and Christianity and their relationship to the development of the Civil Rights Movement, Black Power movement, and the Nation of Islam.


• Reading: students will focus on the basics of close (in-depth) reading, and reading aloud.

• Writing: students will be required to write in journals on a daily basis. Students will also be required to write a research paper.

• Discussion: students will develop the skill of having open discussions and defending arguments in an open forum.

• Critical thinking: Students will learn how to think analytically as well as critically through readings and discussions in class.

• Listening: students will focus on their listening skills


• The students will be assessed by several quizzes and open book exams.

• Students will have regular homework assignments based on the readings and unfinished class work.

• There will also be writing assessments through research papers and essay assignments given weekly.

• Discussions will be assessed through group work and grades will be given for class participation. There will also be assessment done through daily journal writing and self assessment through personal letters.


• Global Mosaic..

• The Autobiography of Malcolm X

• Malcolm and Martin and America by James Cone.

• Articles from The New Yorker Magazine

• Videos including Spike Lee�s: The Autobiography of Malcolm X, Eyes on the Prize, as well as many documentaries on the Civil Rights movement .


• Cooperative learning through group activities

• Close reading and reading

• Note taking (during lectures and presentations)

• Role playing and debating

• Journal Writing