Facing History and Ourselves
Fall 1997

Subject areas: Students who take this class will be able to claim credit in the following subjects: Global History, American History, English, Citizenship, and Art credit.

Topics to be covered: The following topics will be covered in the class: We will use the Holocaust as a case study which means looking at Nazi Germany from 1933-1945. We will begin the course with W.W. I and it's causes. We will then focus on the Treaty of Versailles and how that led to the rise of Nazism and Adolph Hitler. We will explore the basis of prejudice and human behavior. The conditions gave rise to the German dictatorship will be analyzed, as well as topics such as stereotyping, oppression, ethnic cleansing, and the psychology behind group behavior. We will constantly try to make the connections between this case study and the students own lives as affected by basic human behavior. We will also make the connections to our own American system of Jim Crow and prejudice as it relates to the Nuremberg laws. There will also be focus on topics like conformity and obedience, The individual and society, and racial classifications. We will focus on art of the Weimar republic, as well as art that has to deal with identity and oppression

Skills: The following skills will be focused on: Writing will be stressed. There will be readings on various levels and included in this students will use close reading . There will be also a focus on group discussion and group work. Students will work in small groups and they will discuss topics and research them and report back to the class as a whole. There will be great emphasis on cooperative learning, so group activity and group research and projects will be stressed. There will also be an emphasis on the development of the students ability to think analytically as well as the ability to remember facts and major events in world and American history.

Assessments to be used: The students will be assessed through Test which will include open book test, Journal writing, and Individual and group projects will also be assessed. Class participation will be assessed through projects. Students will also be required to do self assessments through personal writing and peer reviews. Discussions will be assessed through a series of processing questions that will gauge understanding and involvement.

Instructional Materials: The text that we will be using primarily will be the Facing History and Ourselves Textbook. Other resources will be the novel entitled Night by Elie Wiesal