Gina Mack and Liz Andersen

1. TITLE -PIECES OF THE DREAM: African-American and Puerto Rican Migration

2 AREAS OF CONCENTRATION: Global Studies, American Studies and English

3. GOALS: see attached sheet

4. MATERIALS USED: Social History Project materials, primary and secondary sources (historical documents,) period graphic videos, film strips, charts, maps, literary excerpts like All Quiet On the Western Front, visual arts like Romare Bearden and Jacob Lawrence, The African American Experience, A History and The Puerto Rican Experience, A History as texts

5. STRATEGIES: Group work, discussions, essays (with peer reviews), inquiry based lessons, focus questions, KWL strategy, projects, presentations, debates, time lines, graphic organizers and trips

6. ASSESSMENT: Quizzes, essays, projects, presentations, interpretation of historical facts, description of events, understanding of point of view and written competence.



A. You will use a variety of intellectual skills to demonstrate your understanding of major ideas, eras, themes, developments and turning points in the history of the United States. For instance, you will investigate decisions and actions such as the United States entry into World Wars I and II and Roosevelt's New Deal.

B. You will look at important ideas, social and cultural values, beliefs and traditions from US history and the interactions of people and events across time. For instance you will analyze the US's involvement in foreign affairs and willingness to engage in international politics. You will also explain the contributions of specific groups of people to American society and culture. You will prepare essays on The American labor movement, the Great Depression and World Wars.

C. You will work on skills of historian analysis including the ability to explain the importance of historical evidence and information from a variety of sources (diaries, maps, newspaper and journal accounts, graphs and charts, cartoons and government documents).


A. You will establish time lines exploring different periods and examing themes across time and within cultures. You will focus on important turning points in world history.

B. You will investigate key events and developments and major turning points in world history to identify the factors that brought about change and the long term effects of those changes.

C. You will study world wide "-isms" like colonialism and isolationism.