The Literature of Survival
Teacher: Dan Fuchs
Subject Areas: English Language Arts

A Brief Description of the Course: This is a literature class dealing specifically with the theme of survival. A variety of methods are used to explore the following topics:

Topics to be Included:
• Exploration of Learning Styles
• Autobiographical Writing
• Reading Memoirs
• Reading Poetry

• Cooperative Learning
• Revision of Work (Emphasis on Writing)
• Independent Work
• Note-taking
• Discussion Skills
• Summarizing and Analysis of Literature
• Peer Response and Critique
• Introduction to Computers/Keyboarding
• Final Literary Paper (Essay)

Assessment Strategies:
• Homework
• Classroom Reflections
• Independent Projects
• Literary Papers
• Class Presentations
• Narrative Evaluations

Instructional Materials:
This Boy’s Life: A Memoir by Tobias Wolff
When I Was Puerto Rican by Esmeralda Santiago
Night by Elie Wiesel

Instructional Strategies:
The following strategies are employed in order to help students address the topics listed above:
• Students are placed in cooperative research groups and present their findings to the class as a whole.
• Full group discussion is used to elicit student understanding of material.
• Role plays and visual arts are used to enhance students’ creativity and learning.
• Literary essay is produced at end of course, responding to two of the three memoirs read in class, using an ELA Examination-style critical lens.”
• Books are used to help with reading comprehension and critique.
• Films are used for critical visual literacy skills.
• Nightly homework assignments stress the differences between summary and critique and help prepare students for writing a final essay.

State Standards:

The preceding curriculum satisfies the following State Standards for English Language Arts:
• Standard 1 - Language for Information and Understanding
• Standard 2 - Language for Literary Response and Expression
• Standard 3 - Language for Critical Analysis and Evaluation
• Standard 4 - Language for Social Interaction