Adolescence in Literature

Kami Lewis
Satellite Academy High School


This class is meant to introduce and explore the theme of coming of age in literature. We will examine the obstacles that children must overcome, the survival skills that are integral to growing up, and the effect of all kinds of personal relationships on becoming an adult. Through pinpointing symbols, ideas, language, inflection, and tone, the students will be able to identify how the adults they are becoming directly relate to the childhood experiences that they had.


We will be reading three books, studying poetry, and having group discussions based on these readings. The students will also be asked to respond to the readings through a variety of journal entries, essays, creative writings and comparisons. The class will focus on both group work and individual work. Students will be developing skills in critical thinking, analysis, reading comprehension, cause and effect, writing and the ability to look at situations through different lenses.


� Poems, essays, and other writing assignments

� Close readings, Class Participation, Homework

� Quizzes, Groupwork, Attendance


� Push, by Sapphire

Lord of the Flies, by William Goldin

Black Boy, by Richard Wright

� Selections from The Little Prince, by Antoine St. Exupery

� Films

� Poetry

This course addresses the following standards in English:

� Standard 1: Language for Information & Understanding

� Standard 2: Language for Literacy Response & Expression

� Standard 4: Language for Social Interaction