Subject Areas: Reading; Writing; Discussion; Application and Presentation; Literacy Expression, making use of language and text structure to treat a subject; Real-life Drama; Mystery and Suspense; Romance; Novels.


*To comprehend, interpret, evaluate, appreciate texts

*Draw on prior experience

*Adjust their use of spoken and written language to communicate effectively

*Reflection of reading, response, reading group process and book talk

*Make connections between literature and students' lives; novel as it relates to the reader

*Make meaning of and extend ideas about specific novels through the process of reading, writing, discussion and reflection


Instructional Strategies:

*Apply knowledge of language, literature to critique and discuss print

*Generate ideas and questions

*Participate as knowledgeable, reflective, creative and critical learners

*Use spoken, written and visual language to accomplish learning, enjoyment and exchange of information

*Responding to interpreting and creating literary text enabling students to participate in other lives/worlds beyond their own and to reflect on who they are

*Discuss reflections with others

*Engage in sustained reading of a minimum of two novels

*Attend dramatic presentation of novel

*At least 20 minutes of reading, reading group book talk/full class activity



*Compose text that draw on their imagination and use of literary language, enhancing students' understanding and appreciation of literature

*Journal and small group discussions as learners and thinkers

*Respond to novels through Reader-Response Notebook

*Respond to novels through creative activities: art assignment, creative presentation

*Share thoughts and ideas in both self-motivated reading group and in class group

*Reflect in writing about self as reader and group member


Instructional materials:

McMillan's Disappearing Acts, Myers' Hoops, Hinton's Rumblefish, King's Pet Cemetery, Thomas' Down These Mean Streets, Angelou's I know why the Caged Bird Sings. Baldwin's If Beale Street Could Talk, Tan's The Joy Luck Club Hurston's Their Eyes Are Watching God, Alvarez's How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accent, Achebe's Things Fall Apart

There will be opportunities to view and compare the film versions of novel.



Standards for the English Language Arts, NCTE and International Reading Association, 1996

English journal, NCTE