Topics:New York State Three Year sequence-Course 2- Units Include:

I. Logic

A. Review of Logic from Course 1.

B. Laws of Reasoning

C. Logic Proofs

II. Mathematical Structure and Algebraic Skills

A. Properties of Real Numbers

B. Review of Algebra from Course 1

C Extension of Algebraic Skills

1. Factoring

2. Simplifying Algebraic Fractions

III. Euclidean Geometry

A. Axiomatic Systems

B. Congruence

C. Inequalities

D. Parallelism

E. Similarity

IV. Analytic Geometry

A. Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

B. Formulas

1. Distance

2. Midpoint

C. Equations of a Line

D. Area

E. Transformations

F. Locus (optional)

G. Analytic Proofs

V. Equations and Inequalities

A. Review of Course 1

B. Fractional Equations

C. Quadratic Equations

D. Systems of Equations

1. Review of Linear Systems

2. Quadratic-Linear Systems

VI. Probability and Combinations

A. Review of Course 1

B. Extension of work with permutations

C. Combinations

Assessment is primarily based on a series of exams and quizzes. Student performance on classwork and homework will also be assessed. Final assessment includes the NYS Regents Exam for Course 2. Instructional strategies include both whole class and small group instruction. The primary instructional materials include teacher created materials and Integrated Math Course 2, by Keenan and Dressler.