School: Queens Satellite Academy High School
Course Title: English Literature
Term: Fall 1999
Instructor: Patricia Wyatt


Course Description:

Compiling and organizing research materials for an essay can be difficult for a new writer. This course is designed to help students learn to write research/analytical essays.

Target Population:

The target population for this course are the students who have completed several English classes in this school, who have satisfactory reading comprehension skills, who have satisfactory writing skills and who plan to further their education after high school.

Goals and Objectives of the Course:

Students should have the ability to do the following after completing this course:

- analyze and revise work to improve its clarity and effectiveness
- respond to non-fiction, fiction and poetry using interpretive and critical processes
- produce a response to literature in essay form that demonstrates an understanding of the literary work
- analyze the characteristics of literary forms and genres
- produce a research paper

Major Topics/Themes:

The major focus of this course will be to thoroughly scrutinize the critical/analytical essay to understand its importance within the world of literature.

Alignment to Standards:

This course complies with the following standards:

E1a: participate in formal and informal book talks.
E1b: draws the text together to compare and contrast themes, characters and ideas.
E1b: produce a literary response paper (also, 2b, 4a, 4b,5a). E1b: produce a research report (also, 4a, 4b 5a).
E3c: prepares and delivers an individual presentation which shapes content and organization according to criteria for importance and impact rather than according to availability of information in resource materials.
E3c: uses notes or other memory aids to structure the presentation.

Resources and Materials to be Used:

Writing Research Papers: Mcdougal, Litell, publishers

Various creative works by renown writers of poetry, short stories and novels

Assessment Measures:

Students´┐Ż essays and class presentations will be assessed using rubrics designed for these areas.