Queens-Satellite Academy High School
Teacher: Eleanor Morley


Goals and Objectives and Alignment to Standards
The Journalism course at Queens Satellite is intended as a middle level course which will improve students writing skills. In particular students will practice preparing articles drawing on data collected from the Internet, library, interviews and public documents. The course emphasizes the NY state English Language Arts standards in achieving competency organizing information and presenting a thesis in a coherent and concise manner as well as enhancing students writing style and confidence.

Brief Description
The course will be structured around a weekly issue of the newspaper, RECOGNIZE. Students will prepare articles, editorials, feature stories, columns, an entertainment section and provide public service to the school community by publicizing upcoming school events and important community information.
Each week will be divided as follows.
Monday - Journalism Lesson
Tuesday - Staff meeting and assignments for the edition
Wednesday - Production day
Thursday - Journalism skill building day
Friday - Test day (Edition is distributed during family group)

Major Themes and Topics
In addition, we will examine the role of the journalist as social and political watchdog and the responsibility of the journalist to public service and the truth. Students will examine current news stories to learn how news is currently delivered and to prepare themselves to be critical media consumers.

Resources and Materials
Daily newspaper ( Newsday )
Weekly news magazines ( Newsweek )
York College Journalism Program partnership
(attendance at annual conference and pre and post classroom activities Guest speakers (journalists from Associated Press and Journalism professor from NYU)
All the President's Men
The Paper
Ace in the Hole

Assessment Measures
Weekly Vocabulary exams
Final exam each marking period including essay writing
News articles
Feature story
Editorial and Entertainment piece required each marking period from each student.