NEW YORK, NY 10010
TELEPHONE: 212-683-7440
FAX: 212-683-7338

The School for the Physical City is a New York City public school educating approximately 350 students from grade six through grade twelve and operating within both the Board of Education's Community School District #2 and the Alternative High Schools Division. One of New York City's original New Visions alternative schools, we are an Expeditionary Learning Center, inspired by and employing the design principles of Expeditionary Learning as set forth by Outward Bound. In keeping an authentic focus to our work here in New York City, we are partners with the Cooper Union Infrastructure Institute. We utilize portfolio assessment to evaluate and graduate our students.

Our Mission: to prepare, inspire, and empower city youth to take care of and to take charge of their city. The urban infrastructure, both physical and social, serves as a giant laboratory for educating students about the workings of their city.

Our Vision: students are actively engaged in creating and carrying out expeditions that call for habits of teamwork, creativity, critical thinking, inquiry, persistence, craftsmanship, and compassion. Students experience physical challenges that contribute to their social and intellectual development. Family and community members actively participate in the life of the school.Young people who graduate from this school will have experienced a highly motivating and supportive educational program that will prepare them for a diversity of college and career choices as well as a life of commitment to community and learning.

Judith Scott, Michael Soguero, Co-Directors
Clementine Bettis,Admissions
Renee Ehle,College Placement and Programs
Dino Martinez,Director of Operations
Lev Fruchter,Technology Coordinator