Website Development Credits

We realize that only five students and one teacher per team will be granted Powerbooks.  However, for the sake of posterity, here are the students of the Tech Leaders of University Heights High School who worked on the site, and highlights of what they contributed to the site.
Graphics Team
Alberto Luna Team Manager.  Managed and finished creation of cover images for Projects, OACE, Parent and Teacher Cover Images. Used Photoshop and Fireworks
Charles Gomez Used Fireworks to create and modify navigation tab rings.  Contributed to design of cover images, including selection of icons through web searching.  Created the Parent and Student portal pages.
Christian Ortiz Compiled the "New York Map" from slices of various views, used in opening site animation.
Earl Campbell Searched for icons on the web.  Developed cover icon for Technology section.
Edwin Rivera Worked on Teacher cover.  Contributed to design of cover images, including selection of icons through web searching.  Worked with Flash.
Laurie Hernandez Searched web for icons, identifying appropriate ones to make up cover images.  Refined cover icons in Photoshop, including feathering and cleanup of rough spots.  Created Adult Education and Jobs covers. Created the Teacher cover page..
Racine Savery Searched web for icons.  Created alternative site color schemes for group voting using Fireworks.

Web Design Team
Jordan West Information Architect.  Completed the compilation of the schools database, including contacting school officials for information.  Created template and pages for the OACE section of the site.  Facilitated site design discussions. Co-Developed the site navigation page.
Lionel Rivera Javascript hacker.  Identified pages with interesting javascripting, and used a "cut and paste and reload" method to extract and apply appropriate scripts.  Learned HTML in order to distinguish codes. 
Racine Savery Created and maintained the school database file, including some school contacts.  Edited the portal pages, cleaning up text formatting and content. Checked links for accuracy. 
St. Clair James Co-developed the site navigation page. 

Animation Team
St. Clair James Team Leader. Created the opening animation for the site, including presentation of alternative storyboards to the team for voting.  Designed the student surfer image. 
Seven Drummond Created  the opening animation for the student portal using Flash.

Faculty Advisor Bram Moreinis.  Provided pizza, soda and scaffolding.